Multiple Uses Room Estefanía Berenice Puechagut

It is the most used area since, as its name indicates, its multipurpose nature makes it suitable for the development of classes, laboratory samples, conferences, workshops and informal meetings.

The Estefanía Puechagut Room has tables, one of them is a specially for laboratory work with gas and running water, blackboards, an overhead projector, a slide projector, a data projector (cannon) and a projection screen.

It’s use can be requested by people or institutions for cultural and educational purposes, upon request by completing the corresponding form that can be downloaded from this page.


Multiple Use Room dedicated to Estefanía Berenice Puechagut (1986-2010). University student of Chemical Sciences, sadly disappeared as a result of an accident, product of negligence in urban construction activities.

Formulario para solicitar la Sala Estefanía Puechagut