Sala Magna of the National Academy of Sciences

The Sala Magna is the venue with the highest constructive hierarchy that has respected the building style.

Its dimensions are 21 x 7.10 meters; it has four large windows with a semicircular arch over to Vélez Sársfield Avenue and an entrance door on the main corridor at the entrance of Vélez Sársfield 249. It has a marble plinth of three different varieties, pinkish black and pearl gray; on the south heading wall there is a large carrara marble fireplace with allusive decorations and the shield of the Academy. Its walls are entirely covered by stuccoes that imitate the marbles of the plinth. The ceiling has three artistic sconces in the places of the three light sources.

This room was recovered in its original splendor in 2010, after a meticulous restoration work on numerous interventions that seriously damaged the original structures.

The Room is now enabled for semi-permanent exhibitions on matters related to science and the preservation of the environment.