Loan and use of the rooms

The National Academy of Sciences has four rooms that can be used upon written reservation request by filling out the corresponding form (s), to: hold conferences, meetings, workshops and other non-periodic academic activities

These rooms are located in the Academy building located at Av. Vélez Sarsfield 229-249. They are:

Assembly Hall

Dimensions: 70.65 m2.
Capacity: 95 seats – 100 people.
Facilities offered by the Academy: audio, cannon, pc, laser pointer, microphones.

Multiple Use Room (Puechagut Room)

Dimensions: 52 m2.
Capacity: 40 chairs with four work tables.
Facilities offered by the Academy: cannon, blackboards, laboratory.

Reading room

Dimensions: 87.34 m2.
Capacity: Approximately 80 people.
Facilities offered by the Academy: 4 tables, chairs.

Magna Hall

Dimensions: 149.10 m2 (21m x 7.10 m.).
Capacity: approximately 150 people.
Facilities offered by the Academy: audio, chairs (80).

General rules for the use of the rooms and the total space of the Academy.

The request for use implies knowledge and acceptance of these rules.

Regarding the purposes and responsibility for use

– The activities of the Academy will have priority over the others.
– The person who requests the reservation of the rooms or the loan of equipment will be responsible to the Academy for compliance with these rules.

Admissibility criteria

– The background of the Institution or of the individual submitting the request and their reasons will be taken into account when considering the request.
– The endorsement of an Academician will be important when evaluating said request.

Care of the facilities and furniture

– It is not allowed in any of the rooms to stick any type of object to the walls, such as posters, paintings, tapestries, etc.
– Any electrical or other device outside the infrastructure of each of the rooms must be specifically authorized.
– It is not allowed to alter the arrangement of the furniture, except in the case of the Multipurpose Room and the Reading Room.

Conditions of return of the rooms

– At the end of the activity, the rooms must be in perfect order, as they were when they were received.
– Auxiliary equipment that is not fixed such as: microphones, laser pointer, wireless mousse, cannon, remote control, blackboards, aluminum displays, etc. They must be returned in the same conditions in which they were delivered.
– The premises must be returned totally devoid of foreign objects foreign to the place. (papers, packaging, supports, etc.).

Regarding the cleanliness

– It is not allowed to smoke or carry out gastronomic activities, except in cases where it is an authorized meal.
– If you require the consumption of snacks, it should be done in the areas authorized for this purpose.

Canon of use

Salas 2 horas Medio día
(4 horas)
Día completo
(8 horas)
1 Semana 2 Semanas
Assembly Hall $ — $ — $ — $ — $ —
Multiple Use Room $ — $ — $ — $ — $ —
Reading room $ — $ — $ — $ — $ —
Magna Hall $ — $ — $ — $ — $ —

Any other space of the Academy that is required will be considered in a special way. In any case, these rules will apply equally to all the National Academy of Sciences Rooms. The authorization to carry out the various activities required in the areas of the headquarters of the National Academy of Sciences will be authorized and communicated through a Presidential Order.


It should be clarified that the form must be submitted to the Academy Secretariat at least ten (10) days in advance and indicating 30% of the total amount.