Internal Organization

Pursuant to the bylaws, the National Academy of Sciences is organized in two areas: the Academic Area and the Administrative Area.

Academic Area

This Area is integrated by the Academy Members serving ad honorem on the different Committees.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is in charge of all the issues concerning the functioning of the Academy. This Committee issues internal regulations, administers official and proper resources available, accepts grants, inheritances, bequests, gifts and administers the resources coming thereof, approves the Memory and General Balance Sheet, appoints the technical, administrative and service staff, and organizes all the acts leading to the fulfillment of its objectives.

Current Executive Committee Members

Dr. Juan Alfredo Tirao

Vice President
Dr. Hugo Maccioni

Academy Secretary
Dr. Beatriz Caputto

Academy Pro-Secretary
Dr. Roberto Rossi

Full Board Members
Dr. Pedro Depetris
Dr. Vicente Macagno
Dr. Isabel Dotti
Dr. Roberto Miatello

Alternate Board Members
Dr. Ana Anton
Dr. Rita Hoyos
Dr. Victor Hamity
Dr. Gabriel Bernardello
Dr. Marcelo Cabido
Dr. Jorge Vargas
Dr. Enrique Bucher
Dr. Alfredo Cáceres

Library Committee

This Committee advises the Executive Committee, on matters concerning: acquisition of bibliographic material, maintenance of collections, etc.
Members: Dr. Pedro Depetris – Dr. Jorge Vargas – Dr. Marcelo Doucet.

Extension Committee

The aims of this Committee is to awaken, particularly in children and young people, their interest in research through the dissemination of scientific issues, as a means of inducing the knowledge of the objectives and the methodology that this activity imposes. It also fosters the organization of scientific conferences.
Members: Dr. Víctor Hamity – Dr. Rita Hoyos – Dr. Hugo Maccioni.

Promotion of Sciences Committee

The aims of this Committee are to carry out the necessary actions to disseminate the scientific knowledge and to foster and support all activities considered of scientific interest either conferences, symposia or other specific activities.
Members: Dr. Carlos Primo De Pauli – Dr. Juan Carlos Ferrero – Dr. Vicente Macagno.

Publications Committee

The aims of this Committee are to consider submission of articles for publications by the Academy. The members decide if the work presented is appropriate regarding theme and scientific value. In the case of a positive evaluation, the Committee submits the work to the consideration of referees, either members of the Academy or not.
Members: Dr. Enrique Bucher – Dr. Roberto Miatello – Dr. Roberto Rossi.

Other Committees

The Executive Committee can create other Committees for specific purposes and for a limited period of time.

  • Building Committee: Ing. Agr. Alejandro García Castellanos – Dr. Gabriel Bernardello.
  • Inter-institutional Agreement Committee: Dra. Rita Hoyos – Dra. Isabel Dotti.
  • Museum Committee: Dr. Gabriel Bernardello – Dr. Marcelo Cabido.
  • Communications and Informatics Committee: Dr. Oscar Reula – Dr. Jorge Vargas – Dr. Reinaldo Gleiser.
  • Video and Arts Committee: Dr. Gabriel Bernardello.

Administrative Area

The administrative area is composed of the paid staff that carries out tasks required for the function and maintenance of the Academy infrastructure and the logistic support for the various activities of the Academy.

Administrative Secretary

Administrative Assistant


Extension Activities

Communication and Design

General Services

  • Sr. Mario Ludueña
  • Sr. Matías Burgos