Víctor Alberto Ramos

Place and date of birth: Buenos Aires, Argentina 22/04/1945

Date of appointment: 29/05/2002

Discipline of incorporation: Geología

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He has a degree in Geological Sciences (1965), a Ph.D. in Geology (1970) from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and a Master of Science from ITC, Delft, Holland (1968).

Together with his research, he has developed an intense undergraduate and graduate teaching work at different universities. He has carried out a large part of his activity at the University of Buenos Aires, culminating it as Full Professor of Geotectonics and Andean Tectonics in 2010. He is currently Emeritus Professor at the University of Buenos Aires. He has been Visiting Professor and gave 42 postgraduate courses at the universities of Salta, Córdoba, La Pampa, Tucumán, San Juan and San Luis; and abroad, at the University of the Republic in Uruguay, at the National University of Paraguay; Universities of São Paulo, Ouro Preto and Federal of Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil; National University of Colombia, Bogotá; National universities of Cajamarca, San Agustín, Arequipa, San Marcos, in Peru; University of Chile, among others. He has been Jack Oliver Visiting Professor at the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Cornell University and the Jackson School of Geosciences at the University of Texas at Austin. He has given numerous seminars at various universities in the United States and Europe.

His relevant work in the training of human resources deserves to be highlighted, in which he has supervised 40 doctoral theses, numerous undergraduate theses; at least 15 of his former doctoral students are members of the CONICET Research Career.

He has performed in numerous scientific institutions, universities and societies scientists from the country and abroad, holding positions as President of the Argentine Geological Association (1979-1981), President of the IX Geological Congress Argentine (1981), Member of the Scientific Committee (1996-2000) and of the Board 2000-2004 of the International Geological Correlation Program of the International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS-UNESCO) and Vice Dean of the Faculty of Exact Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires (1998-2006).

He obtained the “Storni 1975” Award and the “Pastore 1999” Award from the Argentine Geological Association; the “Houssay Prize 1987” from CONICET; the “Bernardo Houssay Award” for his Career in Earth, Water and Atmosphere Sciences (2003) from the Ministry of Science and Technology; the “Bunge y Born Prize” in Science (2009); Konex Platinum Award (2013) in Earth Sciences; the “Grandes Maestros de la UBA” (2011) and the  “Pellegrino Strobel Prize” (2015) of the University of Buenos Aires, and the “Ing. Enrique Hermitte 2019” from the Argentine Mining and Geological Survey. Abroad he has received the Mexico Prize in Sciences (2013); the Lenovo Science Prix (2017) from The World Academy of Sciences and the “Robert Mitchum Award” (2017) from the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers. He was elected Honorary Fellow of the Geological Society of America (1993), being the first South American geologist to receive such distinction.

He has been editor and member of the Editorial Board of several high impact international journals such as Geology, Journal of South America Earth Sciences, Structural Geology, Geological Society of America, Episodes, Gondwana Research, Geological Society of London, and various Latin American magazines journals.

Dr. Ramos has published alone or in collaboration more than 200 scientific works and is also the editor of numerous specialized books, both locally and abroad.

He is currently Emeritus Researcher of the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research and President of the Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences of Argentina; He is a member of the Chilean Academy of Sciences, the Brazilian Academy of Sciences, the Latin American Sciences, the US National Academy of Sciences and the World Academy of Sciences.


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  1. Buenas tardes, en un último examen me han preguntado por qué la cordillera de Los Andes se hunden y vuelven a emerger en La Antártida.
    Respondí por las placas tectónicas, en ese momento la profesora me dijo que no.
    quisiera saber si me podrían proporcionar le explicación del tema.
    desde ya, muchas gracias.

  2. La Cordillera de los Andes termina en la Cordillera Fueguina.
    Al sur de Tierra del Fuego está la placa de Scotia, que a través de dos fallas transformes secciona al norte la placa Sudamericana y al sur la Placa Antártica. Debido a esto, los Andes se interrumpen y continúan en la Península Antártica con características geológicas diferentes.
    La respuesta sería: no se hunden sino que se interrumpen por la placa de Scotia y luego al sur continúan en la Antártida Occidental.
    Víctor Ramos.

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