The National Academy of Sciences

The National Academy of Sciences of Argentina, started by President Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, dates its beginnings in 1869. It is a scientific corporation supported by the National government and it is the first National Academy of the country.

The Academy Members are elected according to its Statute from among scientists who have stood out for their contributions to the improvement of science.

The Institution seeks to contribute to the development, progress and dissemination of Sciences, stimulate the study in all of the scientific disciplines in the country, make the results of research and studies known through publications and conferences, and serve as an Advisory Council to the National Government, or regional governments and official scientific institutions.

Given the importance of science in the cultural independence of society, the Academy focus its efforts to promote interest in science in the early stages of people’s lives.

The Academy awards prizes for scientific production; organizes youth competitions to promote interest of children and adolescents towards science; maintains scientific and cultural relationships with other Academies and Scientific Institutions, as well as the exchange of publications, which permanently enrich the collection of our Library.