The National Academy of Sciences, initiated in 1869 by President Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, is a scientific corporation supported by the government of the Argentine Nation that, by the date of its foundation, is the first National Academy of the Argentine Republic.

Sesquicentennial of the National Academy of Sciences

The National Academy of Sciences (NAC) was founded by President Domingo F. Sarmiento on September 11, 1869 in order to promote scientific and industrial growth in Córdoba. Almost simultaneously he also created the National Astronomical Observatory and the Meteorological Office.

Since its creation, the National Academy of Sciences has put its efforts towards the development and dissemination of the exact and natural sciences and has promoted the study and exploration of Argentine territory. This institution also advises the national and provincial governments as well as other scientific institutions. The Academy, open to society, provides its infrastructure and possessions for public use, particularly for children and adolescents. It also carries out a continuous task in favor of the development and communication of science and technology through the organization of symposia and conferences, the publication of scientific discoveries, the awarding of prizes, the realization of activities directed to schools of all levels, providing its library service, its educational video library.

This year the Academy will offer different activities and events to celebrate the 150th anniversary of its foundation.

From May to December

Sesquicentennial Conferences.

August 30th

11th National Short Story Contest “Let’s Tell Science” — Topic: “The National Academy of Sciences”

September 9th

Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Academy of Sciences of Latin America (ACAL)

September 10th

Second Whittembury Symposium (ACAL)
Conferences organized by the National Academy of Sciences

September 11th

Commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the National Academy of Sciences

September 12th and 13th

5th History of Geology Argentinian Congress in commemoration of the 150th Anniversary of the foundation of the Academy


ANC Awards

The “National Academy of Sciences Awards” are granted annually in order to promote and encourage the research of young Argentine scientists. The distinctions bear the name of outstanding men of science intimately linked to Argentine scientific research and the winners receive a diploma and a medal. In addition, the young scientist delivers a conference in the Academy.

– Hermann Burmeister Prize: for researchers in the field of the natural sciences (Anthropology, Biology, Botany, Geology, Paleontology and Zoology).

– Ranwel Caputto Prize: for researchers in the field of the chemical sciences (Organic Chemistry, Inorganic and Physical Chemistry, Biological Chemistry and Molecular Biology).

– Enrique Gaviola Prize: for researchers in the field of mathematics, astronomy and physics.

Candidates can be presented by a scientific institution, by researchers, or by him/herself. They must be living in Argentina and have done most of their scientific work in this country. To apply, candidates must be up to 40 years old on December 31 of the year in which the Academy launches the award.

The task of evaluating the presentations is carried out an Ad hoc Committee, integrated by Academic Members of the National Academy of Sciences and outstanding specialists, for each one of the prizes that are awarded.